New Trailer Live

New Trailer Live

Oct 10th 2018

As many of you already know, we made the new trailer live a few days ago. It’s been a hectic few days so I am just now getting this post up. The photos up top show all of the people who were there when we made the trailer live, and also Sam Kerr actually hitting the button to launch it.

It seems just about everyone in the scene has posted about it (and a lot of sites not from the scene.) Just to name a few:

Complex Rides, Faux Magazine, Co.Exist (FastCompany), Discovery, Boing Boing, Urban Velo, Booooooom, Prolly is not Probably, Freshness Mag, Fixie Famous, Go Means Go,, Boston Biker, MTBR, Mess Media, Fuck Gas, Proper Hustle, Downtown LA Messenger Style, Urban Cyclist Worldwide, Cyclepista, Cyclist Chic, TOLA, 904 Fixed, Locked Cog, FLW Rider, Bikes & Murder, Bike Blog NYC, Spoke Magazine, Bomb Hills Speed Kills, Rad Propaganda, Cyclonesia, Bottles and Chains, Im Running, Run Dem Crew, Messenger Dad, Its Not For You, Triple C, Columbus Rides Bikes, Hype Beast, Vital MTB, Daily Motion, Urban Gear, Macaframasf, Spi0n, Fixed Gear Magazine, Truth of a Liar, Bike Rumor, Grist, We Like That, Candlelight Stories, Fixed Gear TV, Fixed Gear Blog, Jason Clary, Twenty Two Words, Affinity Cycles, Create Folly, Format Mag, Venture There, HUH Magazine, Jrgon, Kinetic Shift, Colin Seymour, Fixed 4711, New Rich, Pull The Trigger, BNQT, The Originators, Dr Seussjuice, I Bike Krakow, Henry Kielarowski, Runish, Grind365, So Raspy, Metro, Cool Bike Videos, Fyxation, Revolver, Bike Hugger, Urban Cycling, Robert Vervuurt, Fixie Singlespeed, The Drop NYC, New Work, Plant, Phills Irregular Cycles, The Sindawg, Mbike, Martin C Music, RAUW, The Zig Zagger

Thats not all of them, but I am fuckin tired of copy-pasting all those damn links. Anyone feelin left out can post the link to your article/site in the comments if I didnt get you in this post.