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Road Sage

Synopsis: Road Sage shows skilled riders and my filming at a new level.  Risk pays off as riders show us new urban territory and maneuvers. Terremoto Crew of Mexico City shows us riding that surprised me. There are police altercations and more new and amazing places ranging from Hong Kong to Mexico City to 15 […]


fixed gear stickers wristbands
21 Feb 2013 / 0 Comments / in News

War on Britain’s Roads

21 Dec 2012 / 1 Comment / in News

There’s a war on Britain’s roads and my footage has been portrayed as “normal riding” on BBC. I attempted to change this show in three ways; 1) I informed BBC that I would only authorize the use of the footage if I got to approve the piece, 2) I did an interview with them where […]

80s computers

28 Nov 2012 / 0 Comments / in News

New Trailer Live

18 Jun 2012 / 3 Comments / in Line of Sight, News

As many of you already know, we made the new trailer live a few days ago. It’s been a hectic few days so I am just now getting this post up. The photos up top show all of the people who were there when we made the trailer live, and also Sam Kerr actually hitting […]

Line of Sight Film D.O.N.E.

09 May 2012 / 6 Comments / in News

After three years of working on the film every day I now have picture lock on Line of Sight. The film is done and we’re finalizing the extras and outtakes.

BMC Lamborghini

06 May 2012 / 1 Comment / in News

Ok so here > I am riding with BMC on my Lamborghini and now a BMC-Lamborghini Ha! I’m flattered

Red Hook Bike and Run Race

05 May 2012 / 0 Comments / in News

This short vid shows just how fast both races were that evening. Filming this was tricky but everybody got it See video: Red Hook bike and run race

Bone-Shaker Magazine for CMWC Warsaw

26 Apr 2012 / 0 Comments / in News

I’m in Boneshaker with this picture taken by Selim Koryck. This CMWC was the rainiest ever. We all hung out under the bridge unless we were filming with waterproof equipment. The artwork in Warsaw was “wow” at every corner. Many racers flatted out because several inches of water on parts of the course obscured dangerous […]

Keel Ride on my friend’s future boat

21 Apr 2012 / 0 Comments / in News

My friend Ted Box is building this 90 foot schooner as a seagoing classroom for educators and in programs for young people, such as Vineyard Voyagers, an Island nonprofit seafaring organization that is part of Sail MV. I couldn’t resist taking a ride on the keel of the boat before it got built up. Riding […]